Good ol’ PlayStation One.

Some games I plan on getting, or picking up down the road. I’m a little late to the party, but I want to start building up a gaming collection.
Starting with the good ol’ PlayStation.

1. Dragon Valor


The player begins in the role of Clovis Barclay, a young man living in the land of Jirat. His sister Elena has been killed by a dragon. After a basic tutorial of the moves and how to use the game’s magic, Clovis fights and vanquishes the dragon however the same dragon emerges as an alternate form from its corpse. Clovis, in a fit of rage, swears vengeance and that he will find and kill this dragon.

2. Vagrant Story


Adventure into a world of unparalleled depth and danger with SquareSoft’s Vagrant Story. In this sweeping dungeon-crawling epic you play as Ashley Riot, a young assassin and spy for the organization known as Riskbreakers. Your goal is to unravel a deep and twisted plot and come to terms with the recent death of your wife and child. If this sounds a bit too cerebral never fear. Your path to recapturing your sense of humanity hinges on the destruction of countless vicious monsters and the exploration of dark and dangerous dungeons. Vagrant Story is awash in gorgeous scenery and features designs from Yasumi Matsuno and Akihiko Yoshida, the acclaimed artists and creators behind Final Fantasy Tactics.

3. Star Ocean: The Second Story


The gods are out to destroy the universe. When their meteor collides with the planet Expel, the paths of two heroes will cross and the fate of the universe will lie in their hands. You take the role of either Rena or Claude. While both characters are on the same quest, there are times when they will take separate paths.

Naturally, both characters develop different skills throughout the game and along the way their actions determine which other characters in the game can be recruited. You can also spend skill points to learn new abilities that will improve your chances of success. Ultimately, both Rena and Claude will be able to create new items with their skills and some raw material. When you encounter enemies, all of the battles take place in real-time in beautifully rendered environments. It’s up to you to try and save the universe from the gods in STAR OCEAN: The Second Story.

4. Wild Arms


Wild Arms, a role-playing game with classic anime style graphics, takes place in a mystical world known as Fargaia. The story begins in Adlehyde Castle, where three strangers meet for the first time and team up in order to save the world. With the help of two legendary alien races, the three will set out to conquer the Metal Demons. As the story unfolds, players are introduced to different towns and mazes of Fargaia, conquering the terrain by foot, by boat, and even by the shoulders of giant Golems. Styled like a classic sprite-based RPG, Wild Arms also has full 3D polygonal fighting sequences filled with multiple weapons and spells and uniquely designed monsters and bosses.

5. Brave Fencer Musashi


The Kingdom of Allucaneet comes upon hard times when the banished Wizard of Darkness returns to wreak havoc on the land. Wisely, Princes Fillet decides to summon the warrior who first put the Wizard in his place 150 years ago: Musashi. You take on the role of the spiky-haired Musashi, whose goal is to save the citizens of Allucaneet and thwart the evil plight of the Wizard. As you travel the world in search of items and objectives, you’ll encounter a number of friendly and not-so-friendly characters that can lend advice, wisdom, assignments, or clues. Often times, however, the characters are monsters, and you must decide whether you want to kill them or assimilate their powers.

6. Chrono Cross


CHRONO CROSS, the sequel to the SNES favorite CHRONO TRIGGER, is one of the most ambitious role-playing games ever made. There are over 40 playable characters, each with their back-story, special moves, abilities, and weapons. The story spans two discs and follows the story of Serge, a young man who is able to cross dimensions.

Suddenly he is pulled between worlds, trying to figure out his own past at the same time. The graphics are bright and beautiful, utilizing the PlayStation’s capabilities to the fullest. The polygonal character models are huge and detailed, and the pre-rendered backgrounds are immaculately detailed. The music is composed and arranged by Yasunori Mitsuda, and features very realistic-sounding synthesizers. The battle system revolves around Elements, which are used to grant magical powers, as well as to summon huge monsters. For anyone that wanted to see the story of CHRONO TRIGGER continue, this is your chance.

7. Metal Gear Solid


Players slip into the role of Konami hero Solid Snake and set out on a government mission to regain control of a secret nuclear weapons base from terrorists’ hands. On his quest, Snake must rely heavily on stealth to avoid being seen, but he also has more than 30 different weapons and 20 different items and gadgets at his disposal, such as night vision goggles, minesweepers, explosives, gas masks, and more. An enemy radar display at the top of the screen helps pinpoint the locations of the opposing forces, both human and mechanical. Designed by Hideo Kojima. Originally released on PlayStation.

8. Vandal Hearts


The class divide is growing ever wider; the wealthy add to their riches and the poor are near destitute. Compounded by the fact that the government is utterly corrupt, the lower classes are on the verge of revolution, and it’s up to you to prevent total anarchy in Vandal Hearts.

In this RPG or Strategy hybrid, you take on powerful monsters and villainous bosses with your band of renegade warriors, mages, and clerics. Engage in turn-based strategic battles paying heed to the strengths and weaknesses of the seven different character classes flying characters have an advantage over knights, while knights have an advantage over bowmen and, in turn, bowmen have an advantage over flying characters. As your characters advance in levels, chose a path in which they can excel for instance, your archer can become either a bowman or a hawknight. Take into account the terrain of your battlefield and use natural features such as mountains, boulders and valleys to your benefit. Now you can wade into glorious battle with Vandal Hearts.

9. Alundra


Between the worlds of light and dark lies the world of dreams. A world where the rule of reason loosens its grip. A place where an insidious evil is stealing minds and blackening the hearts of those from the world of light.

Grab a weapon and become the dreamwalker Alundra as he struggles to purge the evil Id of an ancient world before it falls to ash. Explore dungeons, find weapons, solve challenging puzzles, and kick some serious monster butt as you weave between tense reality and nightmarish dreams to save the hapless masses. With a wide cast of characters and scores of challenging puzzles created by the people responsible for Landstalker on the Genesis, Alundra will rob you of precious sleep until you finish!

10. Bushido Blade

download (1)

BUSHIDO BLADE is a revolutionary 3D fighter from Squaresoft, which lets you play from either the first or third-person perspective. This game is also serial linkable, so you can connect two PlayStation game consoles together via a link cable and fight against your friends. Choose from six different modes of play: Story, Versus, Slash, Training, POV, and Link. Select any of the six skilled warriors: Red Shadow, Tatsumi, Mikado, Black Lotus, Utsusemi, and Kannuki.

Equip them with one of the eight ancient swords and weapons: Katana, Rapier, Naginata, Sledgehammer, Nodachi, Long Sword, Saber, or Broadsword. Combat takes place throughout an old Japanese castle, where you can move around at will and make your stand wherever you wish. The game’s Story mode encourages fighting with honor; certain endings are unavailable if you have dishonored yourself throughout the course of the game. If you strike an opponent while they are climbing or on the ground is considered dishonorable. BUSHIDO BLADE’s fighting system is a little different from most fighting games as well, as a single, well-placed blow can bring instant death to an adversary.


I’ll be adding more with future posts.

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